Hello! I'm Heather.
Artist. Photographer. Explorer. Environmentalist. Nature lover. Anti Coal Activist. Bone collector.

I spend my time exploring and studying the Appalachian Mountains. A vast region, often overlooked, but home to some of the most beautiful and lush forests in the world. I am in love with the wilderness, it is my home, my peace, and what keeps me sane. I make my living as an artist, selling jewelry and other creations. I live a very free lifestyle... outside the lines society has drawn for us. THIS is the society that I love and respect.

*All photos in this blog are my own.

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breathe-in-and-hold sent: So I really want to check out the woods/forest whatever you want to call it behind my neighborhood but we have coyotes. I know there's a slim chance of getting attacked by one and I know what to do if I am ever in that situation. But it's still unsettling. Were you nervous when you made your first adventure into the forest? I need advice

Hi there Darlin’! (: 
I’ve been in the woods my entire life. Before I could walk, I went on my Daddy’s shoulders hehe… so I can’t really say I remember my first time. But I’ve never been afraid. I was very young when I had my first encounter with coyotes, I might have been 6 or so. It was kinda eery… I’m not gonna lie. But even though they were all around us… they never did make contact. 

I’ve come to realize, most animals around where I live are quite timid. They really aren’t out to get us. Even though coyotes eat meat… I’m sure we are not on the top of their menu… i’m sure they are smart enough to know we would put up quite a fight. 

You can’t let animals deter you from going into the forest. Like I said, I’ve been in the woods my whole life, and I VERY VERY rarely see any wildlife (other than birds or squirrels or something). I’ve never saw a coyote, a fox, bobcat, or anything like that. They tend to stay hidden… and keep to their own. 

But in the event that you DID come in contact with coyotes… I would climb a tree! 

Don’t ever be afraid! Go enjoy the forest! <3 <3 Many blessings to you! 

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indianabreanna sent: Mine too! I worked at a rehab center we we healed up box turtles after being hit by cars and they are tenacious little buggers! Since they live in only five square miles I think he probably has the stream memorized!

Awh, that’s awesome! (: I’d love to have a chance to help animals like that!

I’ve met a few turtles with injuries. One had been completely mauled… but had healed back wonderfully… he was one of the most interesting and LUCKY animals I’ve ever came across! And then there was a lil baby who only had one eye. But he had healed fine too. (: They sure must be tough little creatures! (: 

(click on those links to see them! ^_^ )

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Anonymous sent: Do you ever fear of getting lost when hiking into the woods? Or do you not venture too far in?

We love going deep in the forest! (: The places with no trails or people are the ones that intrigue me the most! We have been “lost” a few times, even though I wouldn’t really consider it being lost… just a little off track haha. Just yesterday, we went quite a distance in the wrong direction… but luckily ended up figuring it out haha. I’m not really afraid of getting lost. I think it would actually be fun to have to “survive” for a bit with no supplies. 

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indianabreanna sent: As far as I know box turtles like to soak in water so that may have been what he was doing. It was moving kinda fast thought but maybe he is used to walking over a more shallow stream bed and it rained or something:) turtles are crazy!

Maybe he was! The stream zig zagged all through the area, so I’m sure he’s used to it. It was a very shallow creek, but it was running a bit heavier than usual… so you are probably right! (: They are crazy… one of my favorite creatures! (;

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Anonymous sent: Do you listen to Lord Huron? If not, listen to his song called Ghost On The Shore. If yes, right on!

I’ve never heard of them, but I’m listening to the song now… very nice! (: 

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mystic-leaf sent: if anything, letting your cats outside is helping your love of nature! death has been in nature since the beginning of animals. its just how nature is, its killing to survive (for carnivores). i think the anon needs to realize the truth of nature. if they saw a lion kill something to eat, would they lock it up for the rest of its life because its following its instincts to survive? death is inevitable. i know its sad, but its just what happens in nature and there's not much you can do.

Exactly right, Darlin’! (: 

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Anonymous sent: "Let's just keep all the cats in the world inside because nature" If cats are your main concern for nature please reevaluate your priorities. Birds are not being decimated due to cats being outside or they wouldn't be waking me up every morning.

^^^ Yes! 

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asuddenburstoflight sent: Heather! I'm beyond in love with my ring, couldn't be happier. And it was so generous of you to add the copper ring for free. I can't thank you enough. All day yesterday I just couldn't stop staring at them!

Eeeee! (: I’m so glad you like them! <3 Makes me so happy! 

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Anonymous sent: Also, looking through your blog, I see the box turtle you obviously placed on a rock to take a cute photo. Box turtles can't swim and would not enter a river like that. I hope you put it back on land, or in a current like that, It will have drowned. Please stop harming wildlife for your aesthetic blog.

Well my goodness, you’re on a roll! haha.

Actually…. the turtle was in the creek on his own! If you had read the description, you would know the story. We saw him when we were hiking in, beside the creek… then on the way back out, he was just chillin’ on that rock. He DID, in fact, go into the water on his own free will.

And my boyfriend actually DID move him to land. Even though we were probably messing up his plan, and he most likely went back to it after we left. 

I would NEVER put an animal in danger, for any reason. That is an absolutely ridiculous assumption! My “aesthetic” blog portrays nature as it truly is… I do not “place” things to make for a “cute photo”.

I find you to be quite rude, and I do not appreciate your judgmental opinions. 

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Anonymous sent: your dead bird post is probably old now, but I saw it and thought I'd talk to you. Please keep your cats inside. If you love nature, keep your cats inside. Cats kill millions of birds every year. They are an invasive species and doing great harm to our environment. Cats can be happy indoors and it's safer for them and you won't be responsible for the many deaths and spreading of disease needlessly caused by letting them outdoors. You killed that bird. Will you change?

I have lots of pictures of dead birds. 95% of them are of road casualties. CARS kill more birds than my cats could ever imagine catching. Maybe we should ban cars? (no really!) But, my cats are indoor cats…. but two of them do go outside. One of which is too dumb to catch a beetle, and the other is very free spirited and would go WILD if she wasn’t allowed outside. 

I didn’t kill anything, never have and never will. Cats will do as their instincts guide them… I cannot control that, nor will I keep them locked up. 

Letting my cat outside has nothing to do with my love of nature. 

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Anonymous sent: how rough would you say the soles of your feet are? :o

Hmm… not very? It’s more like a thick piece of leather or something, not really “rough”. My feet did get sanded down quite a bit when I went to the ocean this year… which made me kinda mad cause they aren’t as tough now. But I can freely walk in the forest without getting hurt too bad. (:

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Anonymous sent: Hey I live in the Appalachian mountains too! I love living here. Where I live there is this massive rock that's secluded in the woods that I love to go too.

Awesome! <3 I’m glad you’re one of the ones who actually appreciate it! (: A lot of people in my “town” haven’t even been deep in the woods, or stood at an overlook. It’s really sad to me… to live in such an amazing place and not get out and enjoy it! 

I’m glad you’ve got a little secret spot! They are the best! (: I have a few places like that myself! ^_^

Much love to you dear! (:

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roadtotheundoing sent: another perfect circle fan high five!

Yeeee! ^_^

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therhoxstuff sent: your blog is cool and you're beautiful. congrats!

Awhh ^_^ Thank you!

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Anonymous sent: I'm sure you get asked this often, but I'm inspired to give up and live frugal & adventure like you're doing now! (Not saying you're living frugal or anything) How did you do it? What all did you give up?I would love to spend my days adventuring out and enjoying the world around me everyday of the year! I love your etsy shop and have a few items of yours myself, but is that what you do for a living at the moment?Just wondering to see if I can make it out there myself! (//n.n//) Have a good day~

Hi there Darlin’! (:
I’m going to be honest, I used to be a different person. I spent sooo much money on clothes and junk that I didn’t need. I didn’t come from a family with money or anything like that… but my Mom always made sure I had what I wanted. After I got a job of my own, my spending went even further. I was caught up, and addicted to “things”. 

I went through a really tough time in my life… the end of a relationship that sent me off soaring off deep end. I came to a strange place where I wasn’t sure of where I was going, or even who I was. I was a mess, and I needed change. 

An unexpected series of events led to where I am now. I went to a party with a friend, Tyler (who is now my boyfriend), and ended up moving in a few months later. I’d always been friends with him, and all his friends, so it wasn’t such a crazy thing. But it was a big step for me… and it was life changing. 

I discovered the seemingly endless stretch of wilderness that was our “backyard”. The more I ventured there, the deeper my love grew. I fell in love with the freedom I felt, and the whole aspect of a forest that was untraveled by man. A place that was ruled by animals and plants… and my eyes were the first to see it in many many years. I was captivated by things I found there. Seven waterfalls, countless cliffs, mossy boulders, steep ravines, rhododendron thickets, towering hemlocks. It was a heaven on earth for me. 

In those woods, I begin to really discover myself. Who I REALLY was. Who I was as a child was coming back, my roots. The days I spent roaming and adventuring washed away that “strange” state I was in… it took away the parts of me that weren’t meant to be there. I found my true passions, and I began chasing them with everything in me. 

More and more, my eyes were opening to the corruption of the world. I came to realize I wanted no part of it. I belonged HERE… in the woods, among nature. I no longer had any desire for “normal” life. I wanted to live freely. I wanted to study the forest, not work a job that made me miserable. I quit my terrible job, and began making jewelry and art to sell at festivals. Someone at a festival suggested that I made an Etsy shop, so I figured I would give it a shot. It was slow starting out, but things have really picked up! I am so thankful to be able to create things to make a living!

I do live off very little money though. I don’t buy things I don’t need.  We don’t have a phone, or TV. No fancy car. I never buy new clothes. We consciously try to use as little utilities as possible. We have a simple home (that I hope to get out of soon, and move INTO the woods!). I am poor, but couldn’t care less. Money is worthless. Experiences is where it’s at! And if life is measured by that, I am quite wealthy! (:

It all comes down to you. How willing you are to move from your comfort zone into a different lifestyle. I’m sure my 16 year old self would have never envisioned I would be living the way I do haha.  But I let it all go… everything I’d ever known. I traded it away for freedom. There will be struggle, but it’s part of it. The good always outweighs the bad. 

You could sooo do it! Find something you enjoy that you can make money doing. Etsy is an amazing way to start your own business! It’s been wonderful for me. You could travel everyday, and still sell on Etsy. That’s what’s great… the freedom of it.  It’s not a 9 to 5 job. Figure out the things that cost you money that you could do without. Weed your expenses out… and save what you can for travel! Even if you just drive an hour or so away, it’s still an adventure and an experience! 

I have rambled on foreverrrrr lol. I’m sorry! But you can do whatever you want with your life. Forget what society teaches us, and do what’s right for YOU! We only have one life… we have to live it to the fullest! Escape the trap society has set for us… and make your own way! (: It takes a little courage to step away from the norm, but once you do, you’ll never look back. (:

Much love, and many blessings to you Darlin’! (:

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