Hello! I'm Heather.
Artist. Photographer. Explorer. Environmentalist. Nature lover. Anti Coal Activist. Bone collector.

I spend my time exploring and studying the Appalachian Mountains. A vast region, often overlooked, but home to some of the most beautiful and lush forests in the world. I am in love with the wilderness, it is my home, my peace, and what keeps me sane. I make my living as an artist, selling jewelry and other creations. I live a very free lifestyle... outside the lines society has drawn for us. THIS is the society that I love and respect.

*All photos in this blog are my own.

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-Every single photo I post, is my own.-

My name is Heather.
Nature is my one true passion.
I live my life studying it,
observing it,
enjoying, and of course,
photographing it.
All the photos in this blog are my own.
I’m a tree-hugging hippie,
it runs in my blood.
From the time I could walk,
I’ve been venturing in the forest.
I was always taught to love and appreciate
all the many wonders of nature.
And the older I get, the more I see, the more I study,
the more I know, the more I explore…
the deeper my love.
My closeness with nature,
is a closeness with God.
The one who created it all.

As for about me personally… 

- I’ll one day be a park ranger.
It’s my dream job.
I’ve wanted it since I was little.
There isn’t a job in the world that would suit me better.
I have such passion for the forest…
And I’ll do anything to protect it. 

- I’m an artist…
something I’ve always been passionate about.
My illustrations come from my heart.
I draw a lot about nature conservation,
emotions, and twisted lives.
Most of my drawings have hidden meanings.
I also make almost every type of jewelry…
ranging from hemp, to butterfly wing earrings, to natural stone and sterling jewelry.

-I’ve been doing a deep study on nature for the past year.
I’ve always studied it, but this year, it’s on a different level.
I realized, I’m 21, and now’s the time I need to do all the
things I’ve always wanted to. Now is the time to learn.
I was home schooled most of my life,
and learning on my own has always been best for me.
I spend my days in the woods…
Studying moss, and lichen…
collecting mushrooms, and spore printing…
studying the habits on insects, and observing spiders…
learning the skeletal structures of animals…
hunting for fossils…
and anything else related to nature.
I intend on writing a book…
I’ve been working on it for years.

-I’m IN LOVE with rock climbing!
Bouldering is one of my very favorite things to do.
I live in a very cliffy area, I have lots of rock to climb on.
As soon as I see a rock or cliff,
I’m thinking of routes up.
I’m constantly thinking of climbing…
and the more I do it, the more addicted I become.
It’s so amazing. 

- I love gardening,
There’s just nothing better than growing your own food.
I’m very skeptical of the food industry,
and very particular about what I put into my body.
My house is a garden… plants everywhere.
I grow flowers of all kinds,
succulents, cacti, herbs, and vegetables.

-Photography has always been part of my life.
My photos are everything to me.
Ever since I’ve had a camera,
my life has been laid out in photos.
I use two cameras…
a Sony digital…
and a 1962 Topcon 35mm manual.

Over the last few years…
I’ve really began to see all the flaws of society.
The corruptions… the media… all the hidden truths…
and the monotony of the confined day to day life.
It’s to the point where I no longer want to be part of it.
I’ve found my very heart is in the forest.
It’s home,
the place I find peace…
the place I find childlike wonder…
the place I find myself.
Where everything is wild,
and all is free.
This is the society I love and respect.

I’m a very complex individual…
I am interested in almost everything.
I enjoy being different…
and I’m satisfied and in tune with who I am.
I’ve got many flaws, but I’m working on it.
I’m an artist, a photographer,
an explorer, an adventurer,
a dreamer and a lover.

Live free.