Hello! I'm Heather.
Artist. Photographer. Explorer. Environmentalist. Nature lover. Anti Coal Activist. Bone collector.

I spend my time exploring and studying the Appalachian Mountains. A vast region, often overlooked, but home to some of the most beautiful and lush forests in the world. I am in love with the wilderness, it is my home, my peace, and what keeps me sane. I make my living as an artist, selling jewelry and other creations. I live a very free lifestyle... outside the lines society has drawn for us. THIS is the society that I love and respect.

*All photos in this blog are my own.

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About this Blog

Life is what you make it.
You only have one chance to live it.
And people should live everyday to the fullest.
Your adventure begins when and where you choose.
Adventure is everywhere.
You don’t have to go on a long journey to explore.

It starts with opening your eyes. 
Open your eyes and mind, to see things differently.
A lot of people get so used to their surroundings,
that they forget to see the beauty in it.
Where I live for example, I see people everyday,
who have probably never even walked to the top of mountain.
Yet, they live right in the middle of them.
And that’s a really sad thing. 
Everyday I wake up, I’m thinking…
What am I gonna find today?

All the photos in this blog are my own.
They are part of an intense nature study I’m doing.
It’s a way for me to keep track of my comings and goings.
I post photos everyday,  from that day.
If I miss a day, it’s been bad weather, or I was too busy with something else to spend my day outside.
Days like this are a rarity, considering I strive to be in the woods everyday.

The purpose of this blog to share my love and passion for nature.
I hope to inspire people to go out and adventure.
Go hiking, go camping, just go OUTSIDE!
It’s a beautiful world…
and so many interesting things are overlooked.
Take the time to go out and explore!