Hello! I'm Heather.
Artist. Photographer. Explorer. Environmentalist. Nature lover. Anti Coal Activist. Bone collector.

I spend my time exploring and studying the Appalachian Mountains. A vast region, often overlooked, but home to some of the most beautiful and lush forests in the world. I am in love with the wilderness, it is my home, my peace, and what keeps me sane. I make my living as an artist, selling jewelry and other creations. I live a very free lifestyle... outside the lines society has drawn for us. THIS is the society that I love and respect.

*All photos in this blog are my own.

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An old oil pump, (or something), sitting in the forest. 

An old oil pump, (or something), sitting in the forest. 

Tagged: #oil pump #but it looks like a cannon haha #hwatson

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